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Rafael Launches Sky Shield Advanced Airborne EW System Pod

Israeli defense technology company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has released a video of its advanced airborne electronic warfare (EW) system pod, Sky Shield. The system engages enemy radar in hostile environments and provides comprehensive electronic countermeasures against enemy threats.

Sky Shield creates corridors for multiple attack aircraft, increasing the aircraft’s survivability in time and providing attack options. The fully autonomous system’s compact design and two 350 kg (772 lb) and 700 kg (1,543 lb) configurations allow it to be mounted on both small and large aerial platforms.

The company explained that the Sky Shield Pod covers the frequency spectrum range from the D band to the KU band. The system also includes a digital interferometer system for signal detection, a Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) based engineering generator, and an electronically scanned active solid-state array transmitter for jamming. The compact electronic warfare pod is a complete multi-purpose guard jammer and electronic attack system.

This system was purchased by the Brazilian Air Force in 2006 for the AMX A-1 fighter aircraft for the SEAD mission. In February 2022, Rafael announced the finalization of the development and test flight of the new generation Sky Shield for an undisclosed customer.